Yes You Can (Vision riddim)

This one is sung almost entirely in a subtly autotuned falsetto, so you probably already know if you’re in or out.  OK riddim and tune, but I don’t know if I will remember this one too much.  The mixing is a little strange too – on the chorus in particular it’s hard to hear anything except the vocals.

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Bwoy Ago Dead (Lastic & Plastic riddim)

I’ll be honest, I’ve been so busy this morning that I haven’t even listened to this yet (though I did buy it from Amazon).

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Up Wid The Torch (Hell riddim)

This song is kind of interesting.  Not a great tune in my opinion but not bad either, and the riddim is different.  You can download this and the entire Hell riddim now.

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Not too much more of a timely topic than this one in 2014, I suppose.  Song’s not bad, and quite informative.

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I Got You (Beng Beng riddim) and an update

Before I link this song up, first a little update on what’s been going on here.  As you can see from the last date I managed to post something, this blog has gotten pretty inactive.  It’s not that Sizzla has slowed down his insane output that much, but that my own life has gotten busier and busier.  I now have to squeeze my hobbies in between a day job and a side business which eats up a lot of my time, and the result is that often, I just don’t pull it off.

I may at some point in the not-too-distant future have to retire this blog – or at least suspend regular posting, and leave just the song database (which I’m still quietly maintaining behind the scenes) and discography, which was the real reason this site was created from the beginning.  We shall see.  For now though, just expect that I’ll post when I can – it just won’t be often.

With all that said (whew), here’s “I Got You.”  The riddim is funky and unusual.  The tune works for me, though I think the falsetto is a little overdone.  Worth a listen for sure.

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Jah Jah Solve Dem (Lion Inna Den riddim)

Here’s a really NICE song from Iron Gate Records.  Worth a few spins this fine Monday morning.

This is available for pre-order on Bandcamp here.  The price is, uh, curious (read: kind of insane), assuming this release has just one song on it.  Although the description mentions “remix,” so maybe this is one of those releases with a single and then a bunch of remixes of it?  It says the release date is September 9, so I guess I’ll wait and see then what the release actually entails, and if it comes to other platforms as well.

UPDATE: Iron Gate has verified that the release I linked to will be a remix EP with 7 tracks altogether.

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Lock Like Woe (Scheme Up riddim)

Here’s a peculiar track.  It almost sounds like a remix because parts of Sizzla’s vocal seem like they aren’t in the same key as the riddim.  Chorus is kind of pleasant I suppose.  No idea what to make of this one.

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My Lord w/ Lovd Ones

This is a nice collab that just popped up for digital download as part of a Lovd Ones album.  Check it!

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Set Di Trend (Coolie Ghee riddim)

I love this.  It’s just hypnotic.  Already on your favorite digital download sites, too.

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Random question: those Judgement Yard mixtapes…

If you’ve been following Sizzla a decade or longer, you might remember from years back when he released four mixtapes via Judgement Yard with all kinds of unreleased material (and a little previously-released stuff too) on them.  Each volume had a theme (e.g. dancehall, roots reggae) and was about 30 tracks deep, so it was a hell of a bonanza for hardcore fans.  At the time I was finding it hard to keep up with just official singles and albums, so I disregarded these mixtapes for a while; later I ended up buying them in mp3 form from the Judgement Yard site.  For all I know, you can still buy them there.

judge3Today I was doing some organizing of my digital collection and came across this song “If You Don’t Have Jah.”  I have two versions of it – one is about three and a half minutes, and is mixed together with other songs at the beginning and end.  It’s from vol. 3 of those mixtapes, “The Realest Thing.”  The other is over four minutes, ripped seemingly by well-known dancehall rippers VOD when I look at the file name.  I was trying to figure out where it came from and after some internet sleuthing, it seems like it might have been from the same mixtape.  Only it’s not the version I have, because the song is longer and has a proper, non-mixed beginning and ending.

My question (finally): were actual CDs released of these mixtapes?  The always-useful United Reggae indicates they might have been, by Consolidated Vibes (whoever that is).  Or was there some other version of them later replaced with the mixed-together versions?  There’s still a good number of songs on there that have never seen an official release (though over the years, a number of them have popped up on albums); if I could lay hands on full versions of those songs without the mixing, I’d be glad to.  Drop me a line if you know anything.


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